Saturday, November 05, 2005

fiction celebration - window shopping edition

If you love fiction (reading or writing it), here is your invitation to participate in the next Celebration of the New Christian Fiction Carnival. It will be hosted right here at promptings on Tuesday, November 15th.

With Christmas just around the corner, my thought was that November would be a good month to put the spotlight on books or software that you'd recommend to fellow readers or writers. Tell us about fiction you've found irresistible, or software and how-to books that have led you to the next level in creating such irresistible fiction.

In other words, the November Fiction Celebration will be a fictional craft fair and a place to do a little window shopping, in time to get someone else's favorite on your Christmas list -- and hopefully find it under your tree Christmas day!

Of course posts of or about fiction unrelated to the suggestion above are always more than welcome as well!

To enter, email the following:

- Name of blog
- URL of blog
- title and URL of the post you're submitting


to me by Sunday November 13th.


Anonymous said...

Hi there ##name##.

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