Wednesday, January 11, 2006

organizational ducks - all in a row

I have always loved January for the feeling of new beginnings that I get from it. And there is no new beginning better than organizing the place one lives and works. After wading through the detritus of two households in the last few months, I’ve seen more than ever that my home needs this new beginning as much as any.

Along with the fevered thoughts of wrestling my possessions into submission has come the urge to dust off my housekeeping bible. It’s a book called Confessions of an Organized Housewife by Deniece Schofield (title wording since changed from "Housewife" to "Homemaker" I see) which has probably influenced my way of organizing and working in my home as much as, maybe more than, my mom.

And so was born a few days ago, the idea to do a January series based on Deniece’s book. After all, there’s just too much good stuff in here to keep to myself. Thus in the next few days, I’ll be posting on various angles and aspects of organizing.

I’ll begin with a series of posts on the six basic organizing principles Ms. Schofield lists early in her book. That chapter begins:

The ultimate purpose of organizing your home and your life is to give you time for more important things. Whether you want to be climbing mountains in Nepal or crocheting afghans, work simplification techniques will give you a clearer path to pursuing your dreams.

Now isn’t that what we all want! So stay tuned for the first basic organizing/work simplification principle ("Think before you act") coming very soon.


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