Tuesday, May 30, 2006

promptings' potpourri

Want to know what 100-year-old tins of food look (or smell) like, how the bitter cold affects getting around with even the hardiest of machines and how to have a social life even in the night of an Antarctic winter? The Antarctic conservation blog is written by a team of three who describe what it’s like to spend the winter in Antarctica conserving the artifacts left behind in the hut built by Ernest Shackleton - 1908.


Here’s a wonderful story by Amy (Amy Loves Books blog) about what happened when she used ideas from Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages to teach Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying.


Want to watch a love story unfold before your eyes? It begins with Rejected by e-Harmony (Infuze might ask you to sign up but it’s free and painless) with sequels here and here.


Finally from my comment box, Judy suggests Mike Yip’s Vancouver Island Birds. Let his latest journal entry whet your appetite (and another ‘brilliant’ for you, Judy!).


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