Monday, May 22, 2006

rodeo - in the rain

Well, we did it. Rain to the contrary notwithstanding, we spent the afternoon at the Coverdale Rodeo. It was a first for Ernie (I’ve been before to the Calgary Stampede, Kispiox and Williams Lake rodeos).

We got seats under cover so we stayed nice and dry. Obviously the cowboys and -girls didn’t!

I pretended I was the event photographer. (Keep in mind, these pictures were all taken from our place in the stands.)

Saddle bronc riding. The rider must stay on for eight seconds. Points are given for the difficulty of the horse and the technique of the ride.

Steer wrestling. The steer is given a head start. The cowboy starts out mounted on his horse. The horse is trained to run by as the steer wrestler reaches for his steer. The steer must be flat on its side before official time is taken.

Wild cow milking. A bunch of wild cows are let into the field. Cowboys on horses rope the cows, catch them then one holds the cow while the second one milks. First three to the judges with enough milk win.

Team calf roping. The first cowboy ropes calf's upper section, the second ropes the hind legs. You win by best time.

Women's barrel race. Women race their horses around three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern then back across the score line. The race is run one horse at a time and the rider with the best time wins.

Bull riding ends the afternoon. Riders must stay on the bull till the buzzer goes (8 seconds), and are judged by their form and the difficulty of the bull's ride.


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