Thursday, June 15, 2006

another milestone

This beautiful bouquet sits on my diningroom table – fourteen red roses from Ernie to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, which is officially on Monday. He brought them home early in case we follow through with our original plan to spend the weekend with the kids.

Twenty fifth anniversaries were big deals in my parent’s generation. I remember when the 25th anniversary was a time the couple or their kids hosted friends and family to a dinner or tea and then they got gifts! Maybe that still happens, I’m not sure. I just know we’re so not into that. In fact, our plan was to keep it entirely low key. (Our dream is to celebrate with a trip to eastern Canada – Quebec and the Maritimes. We’ll see.)

But last Saturday Ernie’s siblings all drove up for the day and took us out to dinner at the Boathouse (in White Rock near the pier).

My sis D. who was in town, also joined us. What a fun evening. Oh yes, and they got us a gift – a beautiful hurricane lantern-style candle holder with (you guessed it) a silver base. Thanks so much, guys!

(And thank You, Lord, for these 25 years. Great is Your faithfulness!)


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