Friday, June 16, 2006

garden moments

A garden is always changing, never a static place. One plant blooms, then fades, but even as it does, another takes over. I have special garden moments, though, when I wish I could stop time and keep things the way they are. This one, when dianthus in her unapologetic pinkness and fragrance takes the stage, with cool blue-green hosta as a backdrop, is high on my list of favorites.

I remind myself that life is like that too. Interrupting the humdrum of ordinary come special moments of beauty. I look back on such times in my life, when the kids were little, for example, and B. would spring into my arms and cling to me with his hands around my neck, feet around my waist. Or when S. in her imaginary world was a singer or dancer or mommy to her dolls and bears. Then there’s that family reunion we had some years ago which I must admit I was dreading, but when it happened, it had a perfection that still glows through the years. The little family supper we had a few weeks ago, with Mom here as well as L&M and C.& J. and the kids was another, as was the night out last Saturday.

The challenge is to see, appreciate and live those moments fully. And to realize that just as the day lilies will take over from now-tattered clematis, and impatiens will light the corner where dianthus once shone, there will be more bright faces and happy moments even if the present looks entirely gloomy and barren, even desperate.


Other garden moments:
- from Rebecca - her June 12th Yukon garden
- from Nancy - what to do with a harvest of rhubarb.


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