Saturday, June 24, 2006

hidden and secluded

Pillar Coral - (Wikipedia)

The polyps which construct the coral reefs, work away under water, never dreaming that they are building the foundation of a new island on which, by-and-by, plants and animals will live and children of God be born and fitted for eternal glory as joint-heirs of Christ.

If your place in God’s ranks is a hidden and secluded one, beloved, do not murmur, do not complain, do not seek to get out of God’s will, if He has placed you there; for without the polyps, the coral reefs would never be built, and God needs some who are willing to be spiritual polyps, and work away out of sight of men, but sustained by the holy ghost and in full view of Heaven.

The day will come when Jesus will give the rewards, and He makes no mistakes although some people may wonder how you came to merit such a reward, as they had never heard of you before.

– Selected.

From Streams in the Desert - Mrs. Charles E. Cowman (quote from the original, not updated, version)

For more on coral reefs and polyps, including pictures, check out here, here, here and here.


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