Saturday, June 10, 2006

profound words

from musical fellow-blogger Dulciana after a week of VBS where she was the music teacher. She led the kids in a train-making project using found music -- i.e. incorporating the sounds of everyday life. Though the project is done, she keeps hearing music -- everywhere!

Her profound conclusion:

...we can transcend the everyday even while being a part of it, on both an artistic and a spiritual level. Music does not have to exist in some realm separate from everyday life. It exists in the most mundane of noises if you can hear it. Similarly, the experience of God’s presence is not just a state of mind reserved for cathedrals. We can connect with the pervading presence of the divine in the most mundane of experiences like raking or gardening or cleaning the house. In fact, these may be some of the best ways.

(Well said, D!)


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