Monday, September 04, 2006

monday mural - Beachcomber Building

Forgive me for being a little excited but I am. Because today I start a new regular thing here called ‘monday mural’ which I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now.

For years I’ve had a fascination with murals. I love the audacious bigness of them and the way their presence adds interest and splendor to an ordinary street. I’ve taken photographs of murals for years too – photos that have customarily moldered in albums or boxes. But now, with my digital camera and access to a blog, I can do more. Which is why I’m starting this weekly mural post.

I’ve actually even started a mural blog (oh foolish woman!) devoted solely to murals and other public art. It’s called Murals and More - and you’re welcome to visit any time.

In this regular Monday mural post at promptings, I’ll be sharing some of the same murals I post to the mural blog, but there I’ll put up more pictures and go into more detail – if I have it.

Today’s local mural is a favorite of mine. It’s on the Beachcomber Hot Tub building (134th St. and Comber Way in Surrey) and consists of two walls of famous people. The west-facing wall is titled, "Beachcomber Salutes the Record Breakers."

The south-facing wall is called, "Beachcomber Salutes the Legends."

Now if only I could name them all!

(The mural blog has five close-ups of each of these two panels. I'd love to find out who the artist is.)


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