Saturday, September 30, 2006

promptings' potpourri

First Bible published: Today in 1452, in Mainz Germany.

Gutenberg’s idea to separate individual letters (instead of keeping them joined in script as was the custom) made it possible to produce blocks with individual letters on them. Letter blocks fitted into a frame, coated with ink made of linseed oil and soot, and pressed onto paper with an adapted wine press made up the first printing press. The Bible was the first book printed.

(From today's The Writer’s Almanac - scroll down to "Literary and Historical Notes.")

On listening: Read some great tips on being a good listener from Vicki at Windows to My Soul.

Skyscapes: Diane Ackerman in A Natural History of the Senses describes nature in luscious prose. Take her description of the sky and clouds, for example:

"Storms have been fretting the coast here for days, and now thick gray clouds stagger across the sky. I watch mashed-potato heaps of cumulus and broad bands of stratus..."

"[...]The sun may appear magnified into a swollen ghost, or slightly elliptical.... we see a glorious red sunset, especially if prowling clouds reflect the changing colors.

"[...] A thick lager of fog sits in the valley like the chrysalis of a moth."
Now feast your eyes on some of these skyscapes at Sacramento Photo.


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