Sunday, September 17, 2006

terry fox run today

When we were in Thunder Bay this summer we made a special trip to the Terry Fox Memorial. This monument, just outside Thunder Bay on Highway 1, is a few kilometers from the spot where Terry Fox discovered cancer had come back and where he was forced to give up his Marathon of Hope. (He started April 12, ended September 1, 1980. He ran 5,373 kilometers in 143 days on one leg and a prosthesis).

Today, September 17th, is the day of this year's official Terry Fox Run when people in cities all across Canada and the world run to raise money for cancer research and continue the project Terry started in 1980.

About Terry Fox

Terry's early years

Story of the original Marathon of Hope

Map of Terry's journey. Below that are excerpts from a journal he wrote along the way.

More views of the Terry Fox Monument are here.


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