Thursday, September 20, 2007


I was at our church ladies fun and practical event "Simplify in September" last night. We were bombarded with ideas of how to simplify our spaces and our lives by the "Organizing Pro" Marcia Ramsland. Then later the 'Decorating Coach' Susan Wells gave us ideas on how to jazz up any bathroom - and for very little money.

I didn't want to miss this event for one main reason. In the house selling / buying adventure that I've just been on, I loved the clean lines of my old home after I had put my efforts (inexpert as they were) into staging it. Once I had cleared all the rooms of clutter and then put some daily effort into keeping countertops and surfaces clean, the place felt serene and lovely to come home to.

Now that we're in our new place, I want that feeling to continue. Trouble is, I've kept lots of the dear trinkets and photos which filled up my old home. I need help to get and maintain a balance. I need some principles and 'permissions' re what I hang onto and what I release.

That's why, yesterday, I bought all three of Marcia Ramsland's books: Simplify Your Time, Simplify Your Life and Simplify Your Space (they were sold, after all, at a bargain price for three).

Marcia and Susan have collaborated in the most recent book Simplify Your Space. After Marcia's simplifying tips, Susan adds easy and economical hints for decorative touches. Very cool!

Marcia is currently on a book tour, promoting this latest book. If she's in your area, give her event a visit. And bring a friend. She ended her talk last night with a thoughtful explanation of how we can also unclutter our inner lives by giving them to Jesus. Altogether it was an inspiring evening. And I hope my house shows the fruits of it real soon!


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