Saturday, December 29, 2007

new look

Did you notice the new look here? Well, not entirely new. I kept the old template but had to re-do the sidebar when I updated to the new generation of blogger templates. But it's finally done and I'm asking myself, why did I wait so long? Now I can change to a different template any time without having to replace the sidebar goodies again.

I probably went a bit overboard because of the choice of things I could add -- like the everlasting list of labels visible in the sidebar, and the slide show of murals playing under the mural blog link. My apologies if you're viewing this on Safari which seemingly insists on its own type of variety - posting every other picture sideways. What's with that?!

Also, I haven't yet installed 'Haloscan' comments. Thus all old comments will not be visible.

If there are any other problems (like parts you can't read, links too light etc.) please let me know.

Addendum - Dec. 31

I changed the header picture from one of the North Saskatchewan River (Sask.) to a B.C. scene (that's for you, E.). I took this photo of pigeons hanging out on the White Rock pier last Thursday. The sun was shining but the wind was sharp and cold. However, these birds seemed oblivious. They were perched facing the wind, almost as if they were playing a game of dare to see who would chicken out first vs. who could stand it the longest.

In other template news, I tried replacing Haloscan comments yesterday. I got them to display just fine - but with their installation the header disappeared. So I have decided to go with Blogger comments for now. It means that none of your fine comments left over past years will display (sigh).


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