Wednesday, December 19, 2007

craigdarroch castle - 3

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Organ Alcove

Up the stairs in an alcove midway between the first and second floors is the organ. Although the 1895 reed organ is not original to the house, Craigdarroch experts believe that the space was used for music performances.

Mrs. Dunsmuir's Sitting Room

Joan Dunsmuir (70 years old) spent time managing the family business from this room. The black dress shows that she's still in mourning.

Second Bedroom

Elizabeth Harvey lives with her grandmother Joan. She is being 'laced' by a maid. She is wearing drawers, a chemise, a boned corset, and two petticoats. The Japanese kimono of red silk on the bed is worn as a dressing gown.

Billiard Room

This was the Dunsmuir's afternoon entertaining area. Set for an 'at home' tea, women servants would pour tea or wine and serve sandwiches and desserts.

Green Bedroom

Robert Dunsmuir Harvey, Joan Dunsmuir's grandson, may have used this room. He moved into the castle with his grandmother in 1890 but left a year later to attend school in the east.

Family Bedroom

Euphenia Dunsmuir (Effie) is 28 and not yet married. This is her room. The maid has laid out her formal evening wear for a party in a home nearby.

Tomorrow - up another level to the dance hall and the tower.


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