Thursday, December 06, 2007


Winter Berry

The winter berry is a cheery thing
To land-bound creatures and those on the wing.
It drapes in sprays along bare estate walls
And festoons prickly ivy ten feet tall,
Lights up the cedar fences aged so dark,
Clusters on humble hedge twigs in the park.

It spurns the gentler spring, summer and fall,
Bursts on the stage of nature when it’s all
Cold wind and rain and ice and snow and sleet,
Still peeking red under a frigid sheet
Of snow, it tempts the juncos and the chickadees
With juicy snacks to relish with their tea.

But surely there is wisdom in its ways
For choosing dark and dismal winter days.
When old December slips by dank and glum,
And January plods without much sun,
There’s little competition for the very
Brave, scarlet, cheery, showy winter berry.

© V. Nesdoly


Thursday Challenge

Next week: BODY (of People or Animals: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Face, Hands, Arms, Feet,...)


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