Saturday, March 01, 2008

keeping power of the Gospel

Back in April of 2005 I posted six-part excerpt from the book Christ's Witchdoctor by Homer Dowdy. It is the story of how Elka, a shaman leader of the Wai-Wai people of South America, made a decision to follow Jesus instead of continuing to pursue the spirits ('Kworokyam' he called them). The excerpt I posted begins here.

Yesterday I got an email from someone named Marcos. Here's what he wrote:

My name is Marcos. I am from Brazil. I was searching for articles about Wai-Wai tribe and I reached yours. It seems to me that the story of Elka impacted your life. I decided to send you this e-mail because I was visiting the Wai-Wai tribe this past week. We went there to teach the leadership how to prepare a VBS and at the same time, have a VBS with Wai-Wai kids.

They are such a neat people. Still hungry for the word of God. The only tribe in Brazil that has the complete Bible translated into their native language. That is also the only literature they can read. Since gospel reached them, they learned how to read and write. Sending you some pictures. If you want any other or any extra info, just let me know.

I wrote back asking who had translated the Bible for them and whether Elka was still living?

Marcos replied:

The Bible was translated by UFM (Unevangelised Field Mission). The translation started in 1955 and finished in 2002.

Elka is resting in peace. His body is in another Wai-Wai village named Jatapuzinho. My friend does not know when and what caused his death.

This present-day report about the Wai-Wai people makes me so happy. What an impact Elka's decision of so many years ago has made. What a testimony to the keeping power of the Gospel in that his people are still following Jesus today!

Below is a slide show of photos of the Wai Wai people taken by Marcos on his visit. Many thanks to Marcos for giving me permission to share them.


violet said...

(Posted by Violet for Arlene)

I was pleased to read about Christ's Witchdoctor. Homer Dowdy was a personal friend of my father-in-law. Both Homer and my father-in-law are in heaven now, but their Christian service lives on. They served together on the board of a local rescue mission. I read this book many years ago, and the update about the people encouraged me greatly.

Arlene Knickerbocker

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