Monday, March 03, 2008

silencing christians

Janet Parshall (U.S. Christian broadcaster) is doing an interesting new TV series called "Speechless: Silencing the Christians." The premiere episode launched Saturday night on the INSP channel and was webcast simultaneously on

Episode 1 description:
Renowned author and commentator Janet Parshall takes you on a journey across the country to meet citizens who have been arrested for speaking out at a public rally, students who are being forced to attend classes that require them to recite verses from the Koran and to stage their own jihad and activists pushing social tolerance to such an extreme that the Bible itself is being labeled “hate speech.”

A series trailer and Episode 1 are available to watch on the Silencing Christians website as well as on (It looks like a sign-up is necessary; I hope it's not one of those shows that's blocked to Canada!)


Joe said...

In Regards to silencing Christians:
They can pass all the laws they want in regard to silencing Christians but I refuse to obey mans law when it goes against GODS Law. Of course satanic people want it silenced because it tells the truth and contradicts their lifestyle. I will never stop telling folks about Jesus in the way I live,songs and testimony.
I will not live my life to suite man but GOD

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