Tuesday, March 25, 2008

welcome baby Liam

Well, we're back from our ten-day get acquainted session with grand-baby Liam. What a sweet time it was. I spent a lot of time preparing food (made a meal each night with extra to put in the freezer for busy days when the new mommy doesn't have time to cook), and cuddling and wondering over the new baby -- memorizing his face, trying to interpret his grimaces and face screwings, telling him how wonderful he was during the times he was awake and looking into my face with wide-eyed infant curiosity (how amazing -- to have one's face be one of the first memories engraved in the soft wax of a new baby's brain).

Here he is at two days old, beautiful "stork bites" and all.

Uncle B. likes him.

Grandpa likes him.

Grandma too.

Daddy loves him a lot.

Rupert does too - at least judging from the lickey kisses he tries to sneak in every time he walks by.

But we all think Mommy (whom we affectionately call the Dairy Queen) is the one he likes best.


islandsparrow said...

what a little sweetheart!! Congratulations to all.

violet said...

Thank you, Kathie! Now if only he weren't so far away... :)

Julana said...

He's so cute!
Congratulations, Violet. :-)

violet said...

Thanks, Julana! We are blessed :)

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