Saturday, June 21, 2008

lovely iris

I have come across many irises in my travels lately. Here are a few I've collected this year and in past springs. I have no idea what any of them are called but I do know where each one lives/lived.

I found this beauty in White Rock (in 2006).

These bonneted ladies lived on the grounds of Brookhaven Care Center, in Westbank (last year's crop).

This delicate beauty lived along the sea wall in West Vancouver earlier this spring.

Clumps of water irises bloomed in the creek along the walk northeast of our townhouse complex a few weeks ago this spring.

I see these cream and wine irises every day along our walk. (For some reason this picture reminds me of Christmas.)

These blue beauties lived in my yard for two short weeks this spring. They're now finished *sigh*.

a little iris trivia:

The iris is an ancient plant, rich in lore and sometimes used as a medicinal remedy. Some were used as purgatives (but discovered unsafe). North American Indians used blue flag irises as poultices for swelling, sores and burns.

Several iris varieties are used to make orris root -- the fixative for potpourri (Iris germanica, florentina and pallida). After the rhizomes have matured for several years, dig them up, peel and chop when still soft. After two years of drying, the scent is strongest.

Add essential oil to orris root and toss with other potpourri material to make a most fragrant 'salad.'


Iris said...

We iris' appear delicate, but we will grow and prosper anywhere (water, soil - makes no difference) and are very good at the reproduction of our own kind.

Sounds like Christians...hummmm.
Lovely pictures!

Islandsparrow said...

Beautiful! Mine are just starting to open up now.

violet said...

Iris - good observations - from someone who should know. :)

Islandsparrow - I'll bet yours are beautiful!

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