Wednesday, June 04, 2008

a $ tip for non-ficton writers

Several months ago I took my courage in hand and joined a web site I've known about for some years. This was a site where you could apparently submit non-fiction articles -- information, how-to, fact pieces, that sort of thing -- and people searching for web content would come along and purchase licenses to use it.

I dilly-dallied about joining. I've been a member of other sites where the carrot is that people will come along, see and buy, but I'd never seen a single sale. This site seemed different though. As I went through the list of authors, I saw hardly a one that hadn't sold at least one license.

I finally joined in early March this year.

is a huge site and it took me some time to get up to speed with the guidelines etc. Here, in simplest terms, is how it works:

1. You submit your writing via a form on the website.

2. It goes to an editor who accepts or rejects it.

3. If it's accepted, it's then online for the world of web content shoppers to see and (hopefully) buy.

You can sell previously published pieces -- articles, blog posts, reviews and tutorials -- as well as brand new ones. Of course you'll be charging more money for never-before-published content. I've submitted a little new content. But because I have many previously published articles in my files, I've been putting more muscle into getting them online and earning me a few shekels instead of laying around doing nothing.

The site does charge a commission. C-C takes 35% of the sale. Thus if you charge $10 for an article, you'll actually only make $6.50.

If you think writing articles on spec is a waste of time, C-C has a public request feature where shoppers can post their content requests. One then writes an article for their request hoping that they'll like yours and buy it, even though others may also be writing for that request.

Long story short, I sold my first Constant Content license at the end of March. One of the first articles I sold through CC is a piece I wrote some years ago but never managed to sell. I was pleased to see it finally find a home here. (Writers have no contact with the people who buy their content, however. You find things you've sold by searching your name or the name of the article after it's been bought.) And I got my first PayPal deposit yesterday (sales must total at least $50 before you get paid)! Thus I can tell you firsthand, it's legit.

So if your file cabinet or blog is full of good content, consider joining Constant Content. Submit your writing. Then sit back and watch it earn you a little cash.

(Note - I write at CC under a pseudonym.)


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