Sunday, August 31, 2008

pne - the best part of summer least that's what the ads say. We went to check it out on Saturday - along with at least half of the greater Vancouver population. Considering all the rainy weather we've been having lately, it appears we all had the same idea.

We'd planned to get there when they opened the gates at 11:00 but, silly us, we dragged our feet. That meant circling in parking no-man's land for about 45 minutes till we found a spot (on the first street outside of the "Residents Only Parking" area), then walking about 20 minutes to the fairgrounds.

Once there we walked right in (online-purchased tickets clutched firmly in hand) and began taking in the sights and sounds. The nice thing is that every attraction is available with a day pass. The down side of that is thick crowds at the street events and long lineups for the indoor ones.

Some of the things that wowed us -

The Flying Canucks

Wheels of Steel

Peking Circus

And of course, the mini-donuts!


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