Saturday, January 17, 2009

I called the quackdoctor

This morning while putting together soup and dessert for Sunday lunch, I had the radio tuned to CKNW. Good choice for a Saturday morning if it's between 10:00 and 11:00 because you get to listen to Wise Quacks - the funniest medical information and phone-in show I've ever heard.

Drs. Dave Hepburn and Rob Sealey are masters of turning serious medical issues into yuck-yucks. But while we're laughing, we're learning stuff as well.

For an example of their humor, here is part of the 2009 Lifestyle Inventory quiz found on the Wise Quacks site:

With the year 2009 upon us, it behooves us to take inventory of just how healthy our lifestyle is. How do you score?

* Realizing that donating blood actually decreases your chance of a heart attack, you donate blood every three months +50 pts
... While playing hockey -35 pts
... For the Leafs -99 pts

* Your LDL cholesterol is low and your HDL cholesterol is high +50 pts.

* Your blood pressure is low and your hemoglobin is high +60 pts.

* Your prescription medicine is unexpectedly low and your roommate is high -75 pts.

...and on it goes.

Today the topic was body stones. We've all probably heard about gallstones and kidney stones, but I had no idea there were prostate stones, saliva, tonsil and cochlear (ear) stones as well. Apparently wherever an organ is a channel for fluids, stones can develop.

Wise Quacks broadcasts on the Corus radio network across Canada. Times and stations are listed on the Wise Quacks website too. If it broadcasts in your area, give it a listen. Visiting a doctor was never this much fun before!


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