Wednesday, January 14, 2009

life-changing stories wednesday - hearing voices?

Time for another life-changing story. This time we'll hear from Marcia Laycock, writer and minister's wife from Blackfalds Alberta.

Marcia writes:

It was on the road to Mayo, Yukon. I was going to visit a friend, determined not to think about God or religion or any of the baffling questions my husband kept bringing up. But no matter what I tried, my mind would not rest. The question of God’s existence and what he had to do with me would not go away. In desperation, I pulled my vehicle into a lookout point about the Stewart River.

The beautiful river valley stretched out below, but I barely saw it. In turmoil, I challenged God to do something to prove He was there. Then I realized how foolish I was, talking to a God I did not really believe existed...

Read Marcia's story "The Day God Laughed".


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