Wednesday, January 07, 2009

life-changing stories wednesday - "Something Tugging At Me"

Story time!

There's nothing quite as interesting and inspiring to me as hearing how God draws people to Himself and works in their lives. In the weeks ahead, I'd like to share a few of these life-changing stories. I'll introduce some with a few paragraphs and a link, others will be told in full here.

Jan Keats is a fellow Canadian writer. Her story titled "My Two-year Journey to the Lord," begins:

My husband and I lived in Fort McMurray in the early 1980’s. Our 3 children were born there. After awhile I began to feel desperately lonely. I wanted my children to be surrounded by family and the only way that could happen was to move back east. With some persuading my husband did agree to take the risk but now it meant that my husband had to look for employment elsewhere.

Soon after our move back to NL, my mother-in-law suggested that I take my children to Sunday school. Like a good Mom I sent them with someone else. It wasn’t long before I was going along to watch my children’s performances in choir and other events at the church. From the very first service I felt something within me that I hadn’t felt before. I couldn’t describe it because I didn’t know what it was. But it made me curious enough to want to go back and try to decipher the experience....

Read the rest of "My Two Year Journey to the Lord" on Jan's blog.

Do you have a life-changing story to tell? Either email it to me, or post it on your blog and leave a comment here with the URL and I'll link to it in a future "Life Changing Stories Wednesday."


Joanna Mallory said...

Great idea, Violet. Sharing our stories is a great way to encourage one another.

violet said...

I thought so too - they sure encourage me!

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