Monday, January 05, 2009

warning - compact fluorescents on premises!

We just saw a very disturbing story about compact fluorescent light bulbs - those curly bulbs with which we're told to replace all our incandescent bulbs (in fact, incandescents are set to be banned in Canada by 2012).

Global's investigative journalism show 16:9 exposed compact fluorescents for causing an unsightly rash in some people (the bulbs don't block UV rays) and for causing migraines in others (due to what is called 'dirty electricity' - i.e. some emit radio waves way higher than is normal with other light bulbs).

Even more disturbing is the unwillingness of Health Canada or any other regulating agency to talk about these CFL finds. The show's investigative team finally got some straight answers when they talked to researchers in England.

I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of this.



Quince Tattoo said...

Thanks for posting this. I thought the mercury in them was going to be the end of the problems with them. (big frowny face.)

violet said...

You're welcome! This was news to me - has this info been around for a while?

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