Saturday, February 14, 2009

how do you hear "I love you"?

(Photo: Couldn't resist all the hearts last strawberry season.)
Happy Valentine's Day!

What does it take to get you to hear "I love you"?

- Help with baby or the dishes?

- Chocolates and roses?

- A heartfelt compliment?

- A dinner for two where you linger over coffee and conversation?

- Kisses, hugs and lots of cuddles?

Chances are you'd like some of them all. But if Gary Chapman is right, each one of us has a predominant love language.

This Valentine's Day why not review his description of the five love languages: service, gifts, affirmation, quality time and physical touch. Then say "I love you" in a way your significant other won't be able to miss.
  • Take the 30-second love language assessment here.
  • The love languages and their relationship to marriage are described briefly here and here.
  • Of course Dr. Chapman talks about them in much more detail within the love language books he's written:
- The Five Love Languages
- The Five Love Languages of Teens
- The Five Love Languages of Children
  • In case this day finds you in a spot where you and your love need to resolve some issues, check out the Five Languages of Apology. Good, good stuff.


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