Monday, June 29, 2009

toronto vacation

After the Writers Conference, hubby and I spent a few days holidaying in the Toronto area. From our motel in Mississauga we were within easy motoring distance of Lakeshore Drive and the Waterfront Trail. We took many walks along the waterfront. This is the wrecked boat seen from Port Credit.

During our time there the weather was hot and muggy and the sweet smell of roses and clover hung heavy in the air.

This family of swans was out almost every day.

On Monday we met with nephew T. That's our rented PT Cruiser. I always wanted to drive around in one of those!

We also drove to Newmarket where cousin J. served us dinner in her pretty back yard.

Tuesday we drove to Niagra Falls. Wow!

I'd seen the falls one other time - on our honeymoon - but had forgotten the raw power of this natural phenomenon. This is a short video I took.

Wednesday saw us in hot and garbage-plagued Toronto (garbage-workers on strike). Along the way, we stopped at another park for a walk.We crossed the Humber River on this pedestrian and cycling bridge.

On the other side a very nice woman volunteered to take our photo. We chatted for a bit and discovered she was a teacher on her first day of holidays with summer plans to take a trip to Israel with her kids (lucky kids!).

Thursday it was back home after a long day killing time in the gigantic Sherway Gardens mall and then in the the airport lounge, waiting for our evening flight home.


Girl Friday said...

gorgeous pictures!! i want to go to toronto one day :)

violet said...

Thanks, Girl Friday! Toronto area was much prettier than I expected. We had a fabulous time despite the traffic. It terrorized this small-town girl (thankfully not hubby!).

Lynda S. said...

Great pics, Vi. Makes me homesick. I spent one Home Assignment living in The Beaches in Toronto—took lots of walks along the Boardwalk—delightful. So glad you had a good time in spite of the garbage.

violet said...

Actually, we hardly noticed the garbage strike - except for most park entryways closed and no public washrooms open. TO has some beautiful spots for sure!

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