Tuesday, May 04, 2010

long thoughts

We're just back a few hours from attending my cousin's funeral. She was only three years older than I am. For the last four and a half years she's been fighting cancer. She fought hard because she had a lot to live for, like a new baby granddaughter only months old and a son who is engaged to be married. Funerals always cause me to think about my life -- what's really important, what isn't.

Here is the song she chose to begin her memorial service:

God's Been Good by Legacy Five.


PeachyTO said...

I'm truly sorry for your loss. What a beautiful and comforting song. Be well.

Lilly Jones said...

Dear Violet,

I pray for God to comfort & strengthen the family at this time. Indeed, funerals tend to cause one to reflect inwardly and upon life in general. Hmmm, may we, from henceforth, live life as best we can. Stay well.


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