Monday, May 17, 2010

armchair travelogue - harrison hot springs

On Saturday we went for a drive to Harrison Hot Springs. It's a town in the eastern Fraser Valley between Chilliwack and Hope that sits on the edge of Harrison Lake.

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It was a beautiful day of still water and clear, sunny skies. This view shows the lake from the walk way that goes around the swimming lagoon.

The water looks pristine and cold.

Looking  the other way, we see the apartment buildings of downtown. The water in the swimming lagoon seems very low compared to what it has looked like other times.

We circle around, past the big Harrison Hot Springs Hotel  down a gravel path that follows the lake for a distance.

 Looking up into the trees, one gets a glimpse of moss-covered branches, rocks and trailing ferns all flourishing under a canopy of cedar boughs -- a collage of textures in green.

 The path takes us to the old bath house.

 This sign explains the origins of Harrison Hot Springs.

 Looking into the deserted bathhouse part, it's always steamy.

 Walking back toward town, we pass blackberries in bloom against the scenic lake.

Hubby and I have tasty burgers and fries at restaurant along the lakefront street for lunch. Then it's off to explore some of the stores. For example, we come upon Antique Gifts & Things Chintz - a shop to delight the heart of any collector of china or chintz.

The friendly proprietor talks to us of his collections.He tells us what we see here is only a fraction of what he owns of china collectibles. Oh my! (Thank goodness I'm not into that or this place would have been irresistible!)

The town has many of wood carvings similar to this one.

Tired of walking, we decide to take a sentimental drive out to Hicks Lake. It's in Sasquatch Park - a provincial park where we spent some lovely weekends with the tent trailer when the kids were little.

Hicks lake is pretty though for some reason it looks smaller than I remember it. (I haven't grown, have I?)

Then it's back to town for one last treat -- a Snickers sundae at Baskin & Robbins. I figure this sign on a nearby store expresses perfectly the proper attitude toward such indulgences. 


Pilgrim said...

So lovely, Violet.

Violet N. said...

Thanks, Julana - it truly was a gorgeous day!!

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