Monday, October 11, 2010

thanksgiving (#116-122 of 1000 gifts)

116. I found thanksgiving decorations! And I will have you know, not a single pumpkin or gourd was killed to make this display. (These life-like fruits are {gulp} made of styrofoam, except for the fabric pumpkin.)

117. Lovely stained glass windows in the Fort Langley St. George's Anglican Church, open to Cranberry Festival visitors to spend a few minutes surrounded by the quiet ambiance of glass and wood in a sanctuary full of history.

118. Obese pumpkins, also seen at the Cranberry Festival. These always make me smile.

119. A sis who brings flowers when she comes for dinner.

120. Being able to share yesterday's turkey and fixings with family.

121. Fruit for dessert, now that I've sworn off sweets for the next while.

122. This prayer:

If you'd like to join me and many others collecting One Thousand Gifts, please do. Some post their gifts on blogs, while others list them in private journals. Instructions on how to join are here

holy experience


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