Saturday, September 10, 2011

a chick at the antique car show

Today is the day of the Langley Cruise-In—my city's antique car show. It's an annual event, though for some reason it didn't happen last year. Well, this year it's back stronger than ever!

We sauntered into it at the end of our morning walk, just before 9 a.m. Already the place was buzzing with shiny vehicles set up all through Douglas Park, down Douglas, Fraser Highway, 56th Ave., lining little streets (like Salt Lane) between Fraser and 56th, and more.

I love this show, not so much as an appreciator of cars but for its eye candy. Everything is so colourful, bright, and shiny with funky surprises wherever you look.

As usual, my camera and I had fun. Here's my very own chick-take on the 2011 Langley Cruise-In.

Shiny hood ornaments, insignia, fancy wheel spokes, even houndstooth upholstery abound.


Because this is a show of retro cars, there were lots of furry dice...


and flames.


Warning signs hover near the polished surfaces. There were also some surprises.


Curious about that sign on the bottom left? It belonged to this show-stopper—a Beverley Hillbillies-type camper, straight out of the 60s/70s, obviously not taking itself as seriously as most of the vehicles there.

Hippie RV

How about those homemade accessories?


Finally, a collection of my favourites. It appears I'm a late '20s to mid '30s girl. I even know what some of them are called.


Left to right Row 1: ?, 1935 Duesenberg, 1928 Model A Ford
Row 2: ?, 1930 Packard,
Row 3: 1926 Chrysler, ?, 1920s something Plymouth
Row 4: 1926 Dodge Sedan, 1968 Dodge Dart (picked for its color), Model A Ford Double Idler, Super-snowbird (for when we get snow).

If you live in the Langley area, there's still time to come down. There's live music, lots of eats and a span of vintage cars guaranteed to whisk you back to your youth.

Violet Nesdoly / poems
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Rebecca S. said...

Living out in Harrison area, we get to see a lot of these cars. I love them, too, especially the old British cars, even though one owner likened owning one to 'standing in a cold shower with you clothes on, while ripping up 20 dollar bills.'

violet said...

Hi Rebecca!
Nice to meet a fellow B.C. blogger!

Your friend's saying about these old cars is hilarious! It's probably true, though. They look pretty high maintenance $$-wise.

I love the Harrison area. We go there at least once a year to enjoy the beach and the ambiance. Especially enjoyed the Sandcastle festival there a few years ago.

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