Tuesday, January 08, 2013

you dream it, they'll cake it

On these wet wet days when our walking path looks like this...

...we've altered our route to go through town. We walk past a cute shop window that has the coolest decorated cakes. I first noticed it this fall and took some photos around Halloween and Remembrance Day.

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes
Fall Cupcakes

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes
Beach Cake

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes - Halloween
Halloween Ghoul Cake

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes - Halloween
Creepy-Crawly cupcakes

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes - Treasure Island
Treasure Island Cake

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes - Remembrance Day
Flanders Fields Cake

Over the Christmas holiday the window was empty. But this morning when we passed by I saw the shop window was again getting filled with these incredible cakey creations. Are they real, edible cakes? I have no idea. But they sure are fun scenery on a rainy morning. 

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes - Snowboard
Snowboard Cake

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes - Penguin
Penguin Cake

Scoop-N-Save novelty cakes - Hockey
And a HOCKEY CAKE, to celebrate the end of the lockout, do you think?

The shop is Scoop-N-Save, Cake Decorating Supply Specialists. They have a web page and a presence on Facebook. (If you're into cake decorating and live in the area, they're probably a destination that will make you drool.)

Violet Nesdoly / poems

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Linda at teacherdance said...

Wow, Violet, they are amazing. The 'cake-bakers' are true artists, aren't they? I think I would be reluctant to cut into these.

Violet N. said...

They are true artists. I wish I were a cake decorator and had an excuse to shop at that store! (I think they give lessons too.)

Pilgrim said...

Someone's having fun! :-)

Violet N. said...

Fun for sure, and it goes on. I have another batch of cakes to put up here one of these days. It's the happy spot on my morning walk when we go that route!

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