Friday, March 25, 2005

black hole

"About noon darkness fell across the entire land..." Mark 15:33

Forbidden fruit’s magnetic lure
crimson Jealousy, Murder
consuming Lust
that bangs down doors.

Fear, Conniving
Lies – "She is my sister."
Complaints, Grumbling, Muttering
Demands: "We want a king."
Whining, Rebellion: "Who made you king?"
Gagging, Tormenting
Killing truth-sayers.

Disease – rotting limbs
glazed eyes, fever
Demonized, rage-filled shrieks
Schemes, Betrayal, Mockery
Curses, Spitting
"If you’re so wonderful
come down from the cross."

All vortexed that afternoon
in thick, heavy Evil.
Tear-your-hair-out Despair.
Darkness. Sin’s sum total
sucked into a black hole...

"It is finished!"

--VNesdoly 2003


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