Wednesday, March 16, 2005

elusive joy

There are certain books on my bookshelf which I have made mental ‘notes to myself’ to re-read. That Elusive Thing Called Joy by Calvin Miller is one of those.

Sunday I began that. Here are a few digs in the ribs from Chapter 1 "Happiness-Mind Over Mood":

Perhaps it is correct to say that happiness is the result of discipline.[...]

Neglect is the opposite of discipline.[...]

Three things I do every morning that my life may possess happiness all day long.The first is to affirm the reality of Jesus Christ and thank Him for His lordship. The second thing is to call to mind the reality of Satan, who will seek throughout the day to make me a miserable contradiction of joy. The third thing I do, is to call to mind the gifts that are mine in Christ. If I live each
day faithful to my gifts, developing and improving them, I find I am indeed a happy person. If I am sloppy and careless in developing my gifts, I find a predictable negativity fixing itself into my day.


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