Thursday, March 24, 2005

promptings' potpourri

Go here to read this week’s Christian Carnival – 51 ‘stalls, tents and kiosks’ to explore.

Here are two I read before the carnival was posted -- highly recommended:

From Rebecca Writes – "Under Our Authority" – the first in several posts where she will delve into "issues surrounding drilling for oil in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge." In this post she explains what she believes to be "humankind’s rightful relation to the earth and its resources..."

From Wittenberg Gate – "They're Asking the Wrong Questions" a post about Terri Schaivo where Dory explores the difference between removing life support from someone who is dying versus removing life support because of expected poor quality of life. An excerpt:

Terri's situation is important, not only because of her precious life, but also because her case takes our country a step over an important line. That is the line between avoiding fruitless efforts to save a dying person and withdrawing efforts to sustain a person who is not dying, on the basis of our assessment of his or her "quality of life."

Away from the Carnival and onto quieter streets,

Catez at Allthings2all has written "Report from a Crucifixion" – a parody where a modern reporter interviews experts and eye witnesses – clever and thought-provoking.

Novelist, blogger and poet Claudia (Ragamuffin Diva) has just had a poem posted in one of my favorite poetry haunts – the Gallery at Utmost Christian Writers. Read "Hush Song."

I am happy because I got myself back on the mailing list of "The Writer’s Almanac." Check it out! Every morning you get an emailed transcript of what Garrison Keillor reads on Minneapolis Public Radio, plus a link to listen to it live. Each day’s entry includes things like important literary events, birthdays of people prominent in the arts, AND a poem– great everday soul-fare.

Finally, play the Longevity game. (I’m good to 93!)


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