Thursday, March 31, 2005

saying goodbye to march

In like a lamb, or out like a lion? In like a lion, out like a lamb? Here’s a little of both...

March Haiku

Clouds billow, sun shines
winter petulance returns
sends rain sulks in gusts

Power lines, trees down
ferry cars lined up for miles
springtime wind is king

Long catkins dangle
quiver jiggle billow stream
spring flags in March wind

Silent grows green moss
on roof, fence, siding, old car
fed by gloom and rain

Early garden chores
planting seeds and moving roots
playing in the dirt
V. Nesdoly © 2004

It was raining hard when I went to bed;
The creek was over its banks, they said,

And in the morning far and wide
The meadows were flooded on every side;

There was water over the yard below,
And it looked like a place I did not know:

The wind swept by with a rushing sound,
And the dog-house floated around and round.

When father went out to the barn that day
I thought he’d surely be swept away.

In long gum boots he stepped from the door,
And the water was up to his knees and more.

I thought, if the flood should never go down,
We’d build a boat and row to town,

For there we would buy our bread and meat
And pies and all things good to eat.

And living here for all our days
We would almost be like castaways.


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