Wednesday, March 30, 2005

squeezed dry

An amazing thing happened when I went to the doc’s office and dropped off my typed letters yesterday morning. At 7:20, the MOA was already there. Taking a break from making phone calls, she told me I’d be having the week off. The doc’s mom who lives in Ottawa had a stroke and he’d be out of town for the week ... sad (but happy, happy for me!!).

When this happens, I feel like I’m dealing with gift-wrapped hours. I am so paranoid of wasting this precious time because it’s easy to lose the focus being pressed for time gives. Somewhere in my pea brain, I have the sense this will be endless, so I dawdle, get distracted (reading blogs, for example) or go on rabbit trails cleaning out pencil drawers and organizing my desk.

Today I was very good. I worked at my devotional all morning. Then after our walk (we did the Nico Wynd golf course and saw the eagle pair, sitting near their nest) I did the final line-edit of two stories, wrote a short kids’ website of the month article and submitted all editor to Deb at FaithWriter Magazine for "The Treehouse" - May issue.

I used to tell myself if I had more time, I’d use it all to write. I don’t say that often any more. There’s only so much time I can spend, writing – no matter what it is – and then I’m squeezed dry. Tonight I’m squeezed dry.


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