Thursday, June 02, 2005

door lingo - answers

Door Lingo - answers
1.You’re stuck in here.- F. Prison door
2. Ready, set, enter....leave. Missed the exit? We’ll pass by it again in a second. - K. Revolving door
3. Here’s your floor. Out you go - but hurry! - I. Elevator door
4. Nous rendons cette maison belle. - E. French doors
5. Wouldn’t you like to know what lurks below? - O. Trap door
6. I’m easy-come, easy-go – to everything but bugs. - J. Screen door
7. Welcome to the pool, the barbecue and a good time! - M. Patio door
8. Oops! Closed too late - they’ve all escaped. - G. Barn door
9. You’d look battered and scruffy too if they kept slamming you. - H. Back door
10. Come right in! You don’t need to raise a finger. - C. Automatic door
11. Care to look behind me for skeletons, anyone? - N. Closet door
12. Sorry babe, I can’t make exceptions. You need a key like everyone else. - A. Locked door
13. Aw...didn’t mean to fool you birdie. - D. Glass door
14. Here comes another customer! - L. Ringing shop door
15. Cheese cake...cold cream...icing...cookie dough... - B. Refrigerator door

How did you rate?

13-15 correct: Expert. Consider starting a DLSL class.

9-12 correct: Average. Chances of surviving door sabotage are good.

8 or less correct: Unaware - or deaf. The doors have your number!


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