Thursday, June 02, 2005

door lingo

(Something from my freezer – preserved from another time and place, and with nothing weighty to recommend it at all.)

You and I are surrounded by doors. In fact, we probably can’t get through a day without coming in contact with a dozen or so. But did you know that doors talk?

Listen carefully to the lingo of the doors you use today. Then match what they say with the right door, from the list below. (Answers in post below)

1.You’re stuck in here.

2. Ready, set, enter....leave. Missed the exit? We’ll pass by it again in a second.

3. Here’s your floor. Out you go - but hurry!

4. Nous rendons cette maison belle.

5. Wouldn’t you like to know what lurks below?

6. I’m easy-come, easy-go – to everything but bugs.

7. Welcome to the pool, the barbecue and a good time!

8. Oops! Closed too late - they’ve all escaped.

9. You’d look battered and scruffy too if they kept slamming you.

10. Come right in! You don’t need to raise a finger.

11. Care to look behind me for skeletons, anyone?

12. Sorry, but I can’t make exceptions. You need a key like everyone else.

13. Aw...didn’t mean to fool you birdie.

14. Here comes another customer!

15. Cheese cake...cold cream...icing...cookie dough...



A. Locked door
B. Refrigerator door
C. Automatic door
D. Glass door
E. French doors
F. Prison door
G. Barn door
H. Back door
I. Elevator door
J. Screen door
K. Revolving door
L. Ringing shop door
M. Patio door
N. Closet door
O. Trap door


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