Tuesday, February 14, 2006

~happy valentine's day~


Here’s the mail, sort it quick–
Papers, letters notes,
Postcard scenes,
Our hearts are in our throats.
Something there
White and square,
Sealed with wax, and bumpy–
At the edges flat and thin,
In the middle lumpy.

When you feel the envelope,
Do your fingers trace
Something narrow,
Like an arrow?
Or a part
Of a heart?
Or a Cupid’s face?
Is your name across the back
In a crooked line?
Hurry, then; that’s a sign
Someone’s sent a valentine!

– Nancy Byrd Turner


Instead of sending you a Valentine, I will send you to it!

- Go here for Victorian Valentine cards at the Lilly Library

- Valentine pop-ups

- And lace-paper Valentines

Have a LOVE-ly day, all who read here!


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