Monday, February 13, 2006


I’ve just spent five days, working my way to the top of the week. I’ve slogged through must-dos, tasks and errands, every day fulfilling my obligations and getting a bit closer to the summit. Finally it’s Saturday – almost there, tie up the few last loose ends, take those final steps. Then it’s Sunday. I’ve reached the top of the mountain. I can become a slack rubber band, rest from routine, relax, sit down and survey my life from a tranquil distance.

And then, with a flip of the page it's Monday again. I’m at the foot of that mountain all over again. The full page of last week’s accomplishments doesn’t count any more; it’s been ripped out and I’m faced with a new blank page. But I have no zip, enthusiasm, optimism. I am still that slack rubber band, wondering, where will the energy come from to make me feel taut again, and ready for the long climb up again.

I wish Mondays were banished! But then, I guess one would be faced with the same thing on Tuesday.


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