Wednesday, September 20, 2006

eyes - part 2

Almost two years ago, in October 2004, we got a visit from my niece, her husband and two-month-old baby Adele. They were here from their home in northern BC to visit a vision specialist about baby Adele’s eyes. She wasn’t showing any response to visual stimuli. I wrote about it here.

They have just visited us again after their annual trip to Children’s Hospital. Baby Adele’s eyes have gone from 20/700 to 20/300! That’s a real improvement. Though still pretty impaired, she certainly does have some sight. Yesterday I caught her reading a book

As soon as the camera flashed, she looked up.

Because of her impaired vision she has developed a kind of ‘sight’ in her hands. I was playing a little tickling-feet game with her. I sound a lot like my sister, her grandma. On hearing my voice, she said ‘gama’ and raised her hands for me to lift her (she had turned away from me earlier). So now I picked her up and she lightly touched my face. Immediately she knew I wasn’t ‘gama.’ Then of course it was wriggle away, back to mommy.

With the wonderful parents this little girl has and God’s power to do abundantly more than we ask or think I wonder what other surprises Adele will have for us in the years ahead!


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