Saturday, June 16, 2007

loosening the roots

Things are happening on the house front. On Wednesday we met with the realtor. I was nervous about that -- felt like I was about to get my grade on the last six weeks of work.

It turned out fine. He didn't make any suggestions about more things to do (except re-roof -- something we were planning to do anyway). While he was here, we also talked about the kind of house we're looking for (a townhouse), the location (a little paradise somewhere in Cloverdale, Langley or South Surrey) and made a first date to go house-hunting.

Yesterday son (who is a roofer) came with his buds and unloaded the shingles. The are perched in bundles on the roof as I type. We're hoping for a speedy installation, but wouldn't you know, today it's raining.

☜ Back garden

Then last night around dinner time, our realtor's assistant came with the lawn sign. Now the world knows -- this place is for sale.

Side garden ☞

I tidied my garden plots yesterday. They sure needed it, as full of soggy cotton sticks as they were (from the cottonwood in the park behind us). As I collected and weeded and scratched the ground black, it suddenly hit me. This might be the last time I do this. Probably not, as we'll probably not sell so quickly. But it is possible.

I felt a grip inside. I'll miss the plant friends I've nurtured all these years -- the herbs, hostas and roses, my little plot of sea thrift, the joyous yellow alium, and the clumps of pink dianthus that are presently freshening the air with their spice. The garden is especially lush and full this year because of cool temperatures and lots of rain.

☜Front garden

I must capture this moment, I thought. And so, in a symbolic gesture of goodbye -- just in case this is the last time I grub about in these plots, I photographed each one. I hope whoever buys this house loves them as much as I have!


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