Thursday, June 21, 2007

summer is missing

and rumors are going around ...

She is having too much fun in Ontario.

She had an accident and is waiting to see a doctor in the E.R.

She's out shopping for a new swimsuit at the Bay, but can't get any help.

Her feelings were hurt by talk of the flood damage she'd cause if she came too early, so she's staying away a good long time.

She's out camping and can't get over her fascination with the furnace in her Airstream.

She's caught in RAV Line construction on Cambie Street.

She's tired of Global Warming getting all the attention and has decided to create a little news of her own.

But I think she's on an Alaskan cruise. After all, by now surely she's banked enough time to have earned a summer holiday of her own.

Yep, that's a picture of our outdoor thermometer, taken a few minutes ago -- and it's raining again too. Actually, Summer paid us a brief visit Tuesday and Wednesday. But this morning she's nowhere in sight. Can't she read the calendar?!


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