Thursday, July 19, 2007


Brand new

The story of this picture.

In early March I got a call from my sister in northern B.C. She told me of the birth of a new granddaughter, but in the next breath said the little family was already at Children's Hospital in Vancouver. Nurses had observed bruises on the baby and a blood test showed a problem with platelets.

This was especially hard to hear because in the summer of 2004, this couple made a similar trip - that time with their first daughter. She was found to have hydrocephalus (water collecting in the brain) at birth, which has led to several problems, one of which is blindness.

In the hours after the kids got to Children's this time, the problem was treated by the doctors (along with lots of prayers) and baby made a recovery. In literally hours her platelet count rose out of the danger zone. Since it was Saturday, the doctor planned to keep her for observation over the weekend and send her home on Monday. We decided to drive into Vancouver to see the little addition and help the kids pass the time.

When we got there, they were all packed to leave! Apparently the bed was needed for a sicker baby, and a plane was ready to shuttle them back home. So after a quick "Hi," I took this photo of their two-day-old. Five minutes later they left for the airport in an ambulance.

Little Rebecca is still doing well.

Thursday challenge


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