Tuesday, July 24, 2007

when is writing considered 'published'?

I've just read an interesting series of posts in a newly discovered poetry blog (Poetic Asides with Nancy Breen and Robert Lee Brewer). Nancy Breen is editor of Poet's Market. Robert Lee Brewer is editor of Writer's Market, Writer's Market Deluxe and WritersMarket.com.

What I gleaned from "Published is Published" by Ms. Breen is that a poem (or any piece of writing for that matter) is considered published (by magazine editors, contests etc.) if it has been presented for public consumption in the following places:

- on the printed page
- on the internet (where the public has access to it -- including on sites like Facebook. And removing a post doesn't change anything; if it's ever been published on the internet, it's considered published)
- read on the radio
- read/recorded on the internet (e.g.YouTube)
- read in an open reading where the reading has been recorded.

The work is not considered published:
- if it is posted on an internet forum where the poet needs a password to participate in a discussion or to read what's posted.
- if read in public but no recording is made.

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Hat-tip: www.inkygirl.com via my weekly ICL newsletter - yeah, this is getting bunny-trailish!


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