Thursday, August 02, 2007

the biz

... of writing:
If you're a writer, or wannabe writer, Editorial Anonymous is a blog you'll want to read. EA is wisdom from a children's editor who answers questions from readers about all things writerly from agents to queries. Plus you'll love how she does it - concisely and with acerbic wit.

... of reading:
Cousin blogs Novel Journey and Novel Reviews are great blog additions (new to my blogroll, though they have been around for a while) for the readers and writers of Christian fiction among us. Novel Journey specializes in news, interviews and vodcasts from the world of Christian fiction (note, for example, the recent interview with Beverly Lewis, winner of the 2007 Christy Award for Series books).

Novel Reviews (for which I've been accepted as an occasional contributor!) is strictly reviews of above fiction.

... of cooking (and eating):
Newest Recipe Roundup (Grilling recipes) is up at The Happy Wonderer.


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