Thursday, August 16, 2007


Picture yourself dabbing jam on a rich croissant, taking a bite, following it with a sip of hot coffee and a nibble of grapes and orange slices all the while plowing through the waters of Burrard Inlet, past Stanley Park, under the Lion's Gate Bridge, and around into English Bay.

That was us yesterday morning. Friends from Victoria bought tickets for us to join them on a brunch Harbour Cruise around Vancouver's English Bay.

It was a stunningly gorgeous day and turned out to be one of the highlights of our summer so far. Below are some scenes of Vancouver from the water.

All aboard the Harbour Princess

E. - playing Titanic again.

Last winter's storms played havoc with parts of the sea wall and the forests of Stanley Park.

Granville Market

Loved the cute little water taxis buzzing all around us...

and the continuous trail of canoes and kayaks.

House boats off Granville Island.

My dream job - NOT!

Science World - one of the legacies of Expo 86.

Interesting sculpture. Notice the silver heron taking off midway down.

Tom and Marnie - good friends.

The cruise ship terminal with the sails of Canada Place in the background.

Float planes landed and took off in the water beside us.

The cruise was over too soon. After a walk, we went home and slept off all that food and fresh air.

But, you can never get too much of the sea! The end of this beautiful day found us at at yet another beach - Crescent Beach, doing another one of our favorite things - eating Greek food at Pelagos Restaurant.

(More pictures on my Facebook album here.)


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