Monday, August 13, 2007

dancing word writers ink

I found the Dancing Word Writers Ink site ("Dedicated to equipping and encouraging Christian writers through chats, workshops and articles") a while ago when one of the members of a writer's forum I belong to was interviewed on it.

I bookmarked it then and did some more snooping around on it last night. I'm thinking it's well worth a checkout by potential or developing writers.

The site covers the gamut from live Author Chats (next live author chat is with Canadian writer Sigmund Brouwer on August 24th) to "Writers Soapbox," with a focus on adult and children's fiction. I enjoyed browsing through reviews of new kids' books and the section "Tips from the Red Ink Club" -- about style and the mechanics of punctuation and such.

The site also has lots more spotlight-on-author stuff, and a good archive of Workshop Transcripts on topics like doing research, plotting, self-publishing etc. (Workshops are hosted by one of the web site's editors along with a guest.)

It does cost $5 a year to get access to every part of the site (I paid my dues and so am not sure which sections are open to everyone and which aren't).

If you're a writer, who would like a little more professional development stuff to read...


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