Friday, August 10, 2007

random thoughts on moving

* Our house is becoming a real live Tetris game.

* It feels like a crime to be spending good money (and lots of it) on boxes. The alternative - get them free off of Craigslist. I tried. But I was too late (probably would have got a bunch of mismatched liquor boxes, she tells herself to feel better).

* Craigslist - it works. We got rid of Mom's old recliner, B's bed and the headboard & footboard for the three-quarter bed (albeit for free and some for a song - but we didn't have to haul anything away!).

* Moving day two weeks from today. Things still to do:
1. Get someone to haul away the geriatric fridge from the shed.

2. Eat through the stuff in the freezer (blueberry smoothies, anyone?).


4. Would I ever like to get another look at where we'll be living. What's with this deciding on a huge purchase like a house after one 20-minute look? No second thoughts here, just want to at least have some idea if all the things I'm assigning to the "Den" will actually fit, which bedroom will be my office, should we put the table in the kitchen or dining room, will our 80s entertainment center fit where we think it will, yada, yada...

5. I'm excited. Praying, Jesus - no Second Coming till we get a chance to live in our new home, please. Yeah, I'm that carnal.


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